Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Life gets in the way

One thing I've realized is that eating healthy/exercising has to be a priority for me, if not THE priority, in order to succeed. And for the past month, it hasn't been. Life has gotten in the way.

A lot of big changes are happening right now, which are very wanted and very exciting, but also stressful. We have lived in Tyler since August 2009, but in the past few months we decided we wanted to move back to the Fort Worth area. Jason has been trying to get a job, with the government, and he still might get one but it's a LONG process. He started applying for a government job back in January. Almost a year ago.

So we had thought we'd wait for him to get a job before moving. Our lease is up here at the end of November, but we thought we'd pay month to month, hoping he'd hear something soon. Then things changed. We went to Fort Worth for our anniversary in October, and we decided to look at a couple of houses. We had planned on just looking to get an idea of what's out there, but we fell in love with one. It's pretty much our dream house.

Then we decided that I could work full time and Jason could stay with Jenna until he heard about a job. I thought I would get a job overnight. Literally, overnight. It's happened to me before. But it didn't this time. It took me about 3 weeks to even get an interview, but I did and got a new job. I start November 15th.

Now I realize 3 weeks is not long at all, but we needed one of us to get a job so we could qualify for a loan on the house. It was a LONG 3 weeks.

The tough thing is now, I'll be in Fort Worth, staying there while I work and then coming back to Tyler on my days off. We're hoping that we can rent the house starting at the end of November, because we probably won't close until mid or late December. Then I wouldn't have to drive back and forth.

So all these things are going through my head...starting a new job, moving, leaving Jenna for days at a time, getting all our financing in order for the house, closing, leaving my current job and still trying to eat healthy and exercise.

I'm hoping once I start my new job, at least that part of life will have settled down some and I can devote more time to being healthy. 'Cause right now, it's hard to find the time. And like I said, I know it needs to be a priority. Just hoping I can make it one sooner rather than later.