Saturday, December 10, 2011

In it for the long haul

Wow, I haven't blogged in over 2 months. Not too sure why, but let's get back into it!

December 10, 2011. At my last weigh in, I was 218.0 pounds. That means I have now lost 70 pounds! I'm thrilled and excited about how I look and feel. Just last night I got new scrubs in the mail, another smaller size. And they fit! Things are good. I made it through October (Jenna's birthday and our anniversary...easy to get off track and stay off track, as I did last year) and through Thanksgiving (ate what I wanted but got back on track pretty quickly.)

This week I have made a couple significant changes. First, I joined a gym. LA Fitness. I was going to be methodical, visit a bunch of gyms and use trial memberships to see what I liked best, but I joined the first one I visited. Once I get an idea in my head, I just go for it. So I joined there a couple days ago, and today I had a session with a personal trainer. (I got one free when I joined.) I found out my body fat percentage, 40.2%. Yikes. I KNEW I needed to start strength training but I didn't realize how badly!

But the other big change I made has to do with that. I signed up for personal training. Twice a week for 3 months. I'm still kind of shocked that I did, but you know what....I've lost 70 pounds on my own, but I'm not too sure I can get to my goal without help. Could I have done it with just joining the gym and not having personal training? Sure, I bet I could. But this will help so much.
Accountability. That's what it's going to do for me, just like has done for my eating habits. It's also a huge financial commitment, so now I need to prove that it wasn't a mistake by signing up. That the money I spent will be well worth it.

I guess now I feel like I'm finally in this for the long haul. I'm not sure what I thought before, but I think putting money, a big chunk of money, into it, makes me realize this is serious. Not that it wasn't before, I'm rambling.

The bottom line....good health is priceless. And if spending some money now can get me there, it will be worth it. I just need to make it work. For good.

The long haul. To my goal weight. To being fit. To getting my inner athlete back again. Here I go!