Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 17, off the wagon completely

I've succeeded in falling back into my bad habits completely. Haven't exercised in days. Eating crap, crap and more crap. Not drinking enough water, heck hardly drinking any water at all. It's been about 2 weeks now that I've been resorting to my old habits, but I'm ready for it to STOP. I feel disgusting, sluggish, bloated and fat. My mood is terrible. I'm not sleeping well.

This started with Jenna's birthday weekend. I let myself go a little out of control, but then I didn't reign it in when Jason and I went away for a few days. And while we were away for those few days, we decided to really start trying to move back to the DFW area, which means finding a house and a job. While we wait for Jason to find out about a job, I can start working full time. And we found a house we loved, but now I'm still waiting to hear about a job. And it's SO stressful. And that's why I haven't even tried to be healthy. It's just easier not to.

But I'm tired of it. I'm ready to get back on track. I need to. I want to. These next 6 weeks are still going to be stressful, but I'm hoping and praying it doesn't get the best of me. I was off to a great start. I don't want this to be just another time where I lost some weight, hit a rough patch and then gained it back.

But I'm scared that it's going to be that. I hope I have enough strength to get through it.


  1. You can do this! Baby steps back! Just tell yourself, "Today I'm going to walk" or "Today I'm going to eat such and such healthy meal for lunch."

    It's great that you recognize that you feel better when you're living healthy, that's the first step!

  2. You are doing great! The 2 weeks of time off is just a reset button. Get back on that wagon mama! You can do it!

  3. When you get back on the wagon, put your hand out to me, I need a MAJOR kick in the pants and you succeeding is going to be just the motivation that I need :) YOU CAN DO IT!