Monday, September 13, 2010

Where did my motivation go?

Ugh. These have been a few tough days. I have not had my usual motivation to stay on my healthy course. Don't know why it's been so rough to eat well and exercise, but it definitely has. I haven't exercised at all today (it's after 8pm), and I also skipped exercising on Saturday. I ate better today than I did over the weekend, but I haven't had nearly enough water today.

I just feel like I have no energy. I'm sleeping fine but I'm still tired. I'm not getting stuff done around the house that I should. Tonight I had all these plans for stuff to do after Jenna went to bed, and here I sit, screwing around on the computer, not getting any of it done.

I'm just not feeling it lately. And I'm not sure what to do to get it back.


  1. Give yourself a break mama. You have been doing great, and we all have off days. Maybe you need to give yourself a day off once every 2 weeks or something? Hugs!

  2. I agree with Hil. You need a day off from thinking about food and what to eat not eat and just be. I also find that I have to actually unplug, turn off and removed the laptop from my sight.
    ((HUGS)) you can do it mama! Get back on that wagon tomorrow mornging.

  3. Thanks ladies! I think you're right, I do need a break now and then. I don't have to work out 7 days a week every week. One day off is not going to hurt.

    Julie, you hit the nail on the head though...I'm ALWAYS thinking about food and I wonder if that will ever change? 'Cause it's quite annoying. :)

  4. I sadly don't think you'll stop thinking about food, so the best way to deal with that is by changing HOW you think about food. I know I have days when I obsess over my next meal as if I'm going to starve...instead, I should be thinking about healthy ways to get me thru the day. We all have to eat, so it's not like you can't go without thinking about it all, ya know? I still have yet to read the book "Overcoming Overeating"....I did find it the other day tho ;) I think I'll start on Monday! (it's always monday!)