Thursday, September 2, 2010

X means I did it!

That picture is my August calendar. (Ignore the smudge in the middle!) I have an extra calendar that I decided to rip the pages out of and write my goals on them, then put it on the fridge. I'll toot my own horn, I did pretty damn good for August...just missed a couple of days. My goals for August were 100 oz of water a day, walk anywhere from 1.5-1.75 miles a day (changed it at the middle of the month) and twice a week, do some light weight training. And on the days I worked, my walking was just to walk the skywalk twice at work. Probably about a mile.

September we're changing it up, just a little bit. My weight training will stay the same, but I'm going to increase my walking to 2 miles a day and my water to 120 oz a day, unless I work, and then it will stay 100 oz a day. Sometimes at work it's tough to get that water down!

Guess next month I'll have to get some eating goals....more veggies/salads, less sweets (yes, I am still eating sweets, just not as much and "healthier" ones, if that makes sense!) and whatever else I can think of.

But for the next couple days, I'll just be proud of myself for August. Love seeing all those x's on the calendar!


  1. Kate, that is awesome!!!! I wish I could meet my goals or check the items on the list like you did! - but, a great idea to stick the page on the fridge.

    I've lost weight the past year, and I'm off the wagon, and trying to get back on.... but, if you don't mind, I can offer some ideas that have helped me out a lot with dropping pounds. Although, keep in mind, I'm currently on the coke & M&M diet! - but maybe if I give you the advice, I'll get motivated too.

    Of course, eat whole foods as much as possible - not processed, boxed, canned, or frozen stuff. Make veggies the majority of your diet. I'd make huge salads with cheese, nuts, eggs, chicken, lots of stuff on them. Use whole fat things, they fill you up and don't make you fat... Like real butter, whole milk, real salad dressings, no reduced fat stuff. Try to avoid soy oil things - and instead, a good route is olive oil or canola oil. They make a canola oil mayo. And, also, Lighthouse salad dressings are made with canola oil and better for you.
    Try to eat gluten free, and when I'm really good, starch free.... so no bread, corn, potatoes, rice, etc. It can be tricky at first but really works. As of now, I still avoid wheat at all costs.. but do eat plenty of corn and rice things. LIke corn chips & salsa. Tacos made with corn tortillas. Rice crackers (blue diamond, nut thins are great!)
    Another thing that is really hard, is no caffeine. but, people don't realize that caffeine actually makes it much harder for your body to burn fat... it holds onto it, i can't remember the scientific term.
    Snack on nuts, cheese, veggies, fruit. And, a sweet treat that is actually good for you - are these great bars: Lara Bars. They are made with like 3 ingredients, and really tasty and good stuff - no preservatives.
    I also like Bengal Spice Tea, from Celestial Seasonings. It's sweet and a good pick me up - while being made only from herbs.
    I have a hard time drinking enough water! - so, that is great that you can! - I need to try!
    sorry to ramble, I just feel like I've stumbled on to things that have really helped - and this sounds bad being married to a yoga teacher... and yes, exercise is good for you, but the only way that I've found to lose weight is by food choices. If I don't eat sugar, gluten, or caffeine - it comes off without exercising!
    Thanks for your inspiring post, and hope I'm not out of place with all of these recommendations! take care, Lisa

  2. Way to go, Kate! I think you're being smart stepping up the exercise and food goals slowly. In my opinion, gradual change is much easier to get used to, and thus to stick to!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! And Lisa, I love any advice and/or tips, so feel free to chime in any time! I will definitely check out those Lara bars...they sound yummy!

  4. you are doing awesome, momma - keep it up!!!