Monday, August 16, 2010

Road trip!

Tomorrow Jenna and I are going on a road trip. Just a short one. 2 hours (one way) to visit a friend we haven't seen in over a year! It will be a long day and road trips used to mean that I could eat my way there and back. But not any more.

One of the important things I've found, through all my dieting trials, is that I HAVE to have a plan ahead of time. If I don't, then I eat badly. Never fails. So we leave after breakfast tomorrow. I'm taking a little cooler in the car with lots of water and probably some yogurt and cottage cheese. Then we'll have lunch at our friend's house, then on the way home, if I'm hungry, I know of a couple of fast food places I can stop and eat relatively healthy. So I've got a plan. Now I just need to stick to it!


  1. have fun and great work on having your first step in place!